Highland Park Electric Reviews

Highland Park Electric has been a highly-rated electrician for decades. Satisfied customers of all sizes rely on us to keep their homes and businesses running smoothly.

“They were excellent overall. We have used them for 6-7 years, maybe more, after a while, if you don’t go comparison shopping it is hard to say on price. Their quality is great. I have had no problems with them. There were two visits, one to diagnose the problem and one to order the product. The price is for both visits and the thermostat. I would use them again.”

Category: Electrical
Cost: $260

“We had some things shorting out and once they put it on their own breaker it stopped shorting out. They charge on an hourly basis. I would absolutely use them again. They are very well-trained and very professional. They did a good job.”

Category: Electrical, Lighting
Cost: $1800

“It was a puzzle to figure out, but HP figured out the bizarre non-standard 3-way wiring and replaced the light switch. I usually do this myself, but the tangle of unlabeled wires made me call a pro.”

Category: Electrical

“Went well. Two separate men were sent out, one for the inside work, and another for the generator. Speaking with the Generator guy, he was happy to give out a few tips on maintaining the generator, and how to reset it in some situations that would keep me from having them come out and reset it…very helpful. Inside the wiring, the issue was resolved quickly.

They were in and out in less than 90 minutes or so, did a nice job, very polite…everything you’d expect. I honestly am not sure how they could have done a better job. Would use them again.”

Category: Electrical, Generator
Cost: $300

“I wasn’t at home, my daughter called them. It’s a family-owned company and they’ve been in business for I don’t know how long, 60 or 70 years. I’ve come to rely on them thru the years. The workers are an A.”

Category: Electrical, Lighting

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