Highland Park Full Service Electrical Contractor

Highland Park Electric is a family-owned full-service electrical contractor. We service the North Shore areas of Chicago, IL, primarily residential, apartments, condominiums, and commercial locations.

Electrical Service Professionals

We are dedicated to making sure your call is handled promptly and that your service needs are met with priority to minimize disruption from your daily activities. If you call between 7:00-4:30, Monday through Friday, you get a REAL PERSON on the phone, not a recording! Don’t be surprised if we answer your call on the first ring.
We also do not employ any sort of answering service. Everything is kept in-house.

All of our service technicians have modern equipment at their disposal to do any electrical job efficiently including trenchers, vibratory plows, directional drills, and bucket truck services. No matter your job we have the equipment needed!

On-DEMAND Electrical Service

Emergency Service is available for existing customers. If you call us after hours with an emergency you can leave your emergency request and phone number for one of our technicians to call you back.

For your convenience our office staff has been trained to assist you with all of your needs pertaining to our electrician services.

For more information regarding how Highland Park Electric can help serve you:


Call us at 847.433.6300